David Nso was born in Cameroon, Africa. He was raised with an appreciation for discipline, learning, and athletics. Soccer was his childhood passion. Although a life in Africa may have led to a professional career in soccer, David decided to move to the US in his early twenties. He immersed himself in study at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. As he adjusted to life in the US, David began to recognize a great discrepancy in the type of beauty promoted by celebrities on television and the typical diet of most Americans. Having grown up with African food, which is heavy and spicy yet always fresh, with no preservatives, David immediately felt the effects of processed food. To counteract the weight gain that comes with American food, he began lifting weights and educating himself about the science of nutrition. David’s devotion to personal fitness and healthy diet led him to a career in modeling and acting. A role in HBO’s acclaimed series The Wire inspired him to move to New York and pursue a career on camera and onscreen. You can read more about David’s modeling and acting career here www.davidnso.com.

After years of modeling, David returned to his true passion: fitness. But his life experience with nutrition had taught him that fitness is more than exercise – it’s a complete lifestyle. So the NsoXperience was born. A strong believer in “You are what you eat,” David’s unique formula for health is 80% nutrition and 20% fitness. “You need food to build muscle,” David says. “I help my clients maximize their time in the gym by giving them the proper nutrition (and rest!) to support their body.” When it comes to fitness, David is always exploring new training techniques. He believes in using versatile workouts to constantly challenge different muscles. “This prevents the body from hitting a plateau,” he says. David’s clients don’t just build muscle. They don’t just lose weight. They change their lives from the inside out.