What I Offer


Weight Maintenance
Exercise Programming
Personal Training

Fitness is more than exercise – it’s a complete lifestyle. Being a strong believer in “You are what you eat,” my unique formula for health is 80% nutrition and 20% fitness. You need food to build muscle. I help my clients maximize their time in the gym by giving them the proper nutrition and rest to support their body. When it comes to fitness, I am always exploring new training techniques. I believe in using versatile workouts to constantly challenge different muscles. This prevents the body from hitting a plateau. And clients don’t just build muscle. They don’t just lose weight. They change their lives from the inside out.

Corporate Group Sessions

Perfect fit for company's that are looking to work out as a group, either as a one time fun event, or a recurring basis

Gym Sessions

1v1 or group sessions with individuals or a small group that like the challenges and equipment that come with gyms.

Home Work Sessions

If the gym is too crowded or uncomfortable for you, a workout in the convenience of your own home may be the best option!

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